The Sydney Whirlybird Specialists

If you are looking for an economical, reliable and affordable long-term answer to Sydney’s summer heat, Shiprock Roofing recommends whirlybirds. Whirlybirds come in a range of sizes and vents to draw the heat from your home, office or factory. A whirlybird comes complete with stainless steel ball-bearings and is available in a wide range of Zincalume and Colorbond colours to perfectly match your roof. With temperatures in ceilings reaching up to 60 degrees, every home needs a whirlybird, even those with air-conditioners. Furthermore, in winter whirlybirds remove dampness and help to eliminate mould, mildew and rising damp. For an average size Sydney home, 3 or 4 whirlybirds should be sufficient.

For more details about whirlybirds and a guaranteed 24 hour response, contact a roofing contractor today via our Priority Email Service.

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