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Roof Repairs

Shiprock Roofing is the Sydney roofing contractor that specialises in tiled roof repairs, roofing shingles and insurance work. Why install an expensive new roof when we can make any tiled roof – be it cement or terracotta tiles in a range of sizes, shapes and colours – as good as new again with roof repairs that will last for up to 50 years. If you have broken, brittle or badly faded tiles, with the tile valleys rusted and mortarcrumbling, Shiprock Roofing will come to your rescue. We will inspect your roof, work out what roof repairs need to be done (including replacing old and damaged rafters), give you a very competitive quotation and then set about expertly doing the roof repair sourcing matching tiles. Plus we do all roofing insurance work.

For more details about our roof repairs and insurance work contact us today via our Priority Email Service (which guarantees a response within 24 hours).

Free Whirlybird with every Reroof! Call Michael on 0418 281 960 for details!

Shiprock Roofing Services Include:

Tile Roofing Pressure Cleaning Roofing Repairs Roof Replacement
Cement Tiles Roof Cleaning Terracotta Tiles Pressure Washing
Whirly Birds Tiled Roof Repair Roof Extensions Valley Replacements
  Roofing shingles Gutter Cleaning  
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