Roof Repairs in Sydney and Sutherland

Is your roof leaking somewhere? Tiles can be cracked, or the ridge capping broken, or the valleys can be rusted through.

In Sydney, roofing repairs are common, and its often overhanging trees that cause problems. Leaves can cause water to back-up, then flood the ceiling, and the same leaves will cause rusted valleys. Or a branch will break, and hit your roof, cracking tiles and cause leaks. And in summer, your roof expands, and this can crack the mortar or tiles.

Shiprock Roofing is the roofing repair experts in Sydney and the Sutherland Shire, and we take care of every aspect of roof repairs, roof restorations, re-roofing and new Colorbond roofing.

  • Inspect your roof and replace broken tiles
  • Re-cement loose tiles
  • Lay new valleys to replace rusted roof valleys
  • Re-bed loose ridge capping in cement mortar
  • High pressure clean roofs to remove ugly moss and fungi
  • Remove tiles and replace with new tile roof
  • Replace old corrugated roofing with a new look tiled roof

Roofing Repairs in Sutherland

Shiprock Roofing has been repairing roofs in Sydney and the Sutherland Shire for generations. We enjoy the work, we guarantee our work, and our pricing is very competitive. Get another quote and test us!

When your roof has a problem, it can cause enormous, expensive problems. The insulation will be soaked, the plaster will be soaked, and the ceiling will need replacement.

If you see any sign of water coming down your walls, or damp spots on the ceiling, then it will only get worse. Then it will cost not just the roof repair, but all the ceiling – even the furniture, TV and computers will be ruined.

Shiprock Roofing works in Sydney and the Sutherland Shire, and provides a complete roofing service. Whether its glazed tiles, terracotta tiles, tin roofing, Colorbond, slate or concrete tiles, Shiprock Roofing can fix, repair, replace, upgrade or change your roof – or just clean it with high pressure cleaning.

Terracotta tile replacement Shale roofing repairs
Re-cement tiles Valley replacement
Fix tile roofing Roof extensions and rafter repair
Install Whirlybirds Roofing shingles
Roof pressure cleaning New tile roofing
Tiled roof repair  

If you think your roof has a problem, we are happy to inspect it, obligation free, and report on what we find. Call Michael on 0418 281 960, for an obligation free inspection.

Asbestos Roofing Repair and Disposal

For a long time, asbestos fibre cement sheeting was a very popular roofing material in Sydney. Today, the health hazards are well-documented and asbestos roofing requires special handling and disposal. If you have an asbestos roof, you need experts like Shiprock to remove the material.

Preparing a quote for your Sydney roof repairs

ShipRock Roofing is an expert in tile and tile roofing repairs. We thoroughly inspect and assess your roof, identify the repairs to be carried out, and then we discuss our findings with you. We outline the options and help you work out which one is most suitable for you.

We advise you on repairs to your tile roof, tile roof, downpipes, gutters, rainwater heads, skylights and any other general roof repairs.

If you think your roof has a problem, we are happy to inspect it, obligation free, and report on what we find. Call Michael on 0418 281 960, for an obligation free inspection.

ShipRock Roofing – the roofing repair expert in Sydney and Sutherland

An old roof makes a good house look uncared for, and ugly. Sagging gutters, cracked or bent downpipes, and black mould over the roof looks like your house hasn’t been maintained – I’t’s a poor first impression.

Roof repairs will prolong the life of your roof and stop it leaking, and you won’t have to replace your roof.  Using a professional like Shiprock means your repairs are less expensive, and they are more professional. The materials used are high quality, and your roofing repair is guaranteed

Re-roofing / Roof Replacements

If your house is older, then your roof tiles are possibly old and brittle, and it's likely that all your roof tiles need replacing. You can choose to update your look with new tiles. A complete re-roof can be done within 2 days to a week, depending on the size of your home.

A re-roof involves replacing all roof tiles and ridge caps and installing new battens, heavy-duty sarking, new valleys, new gable flashings and flexible pointing.

Pressure Washing

Dirty roof? We can pressure-clean  it, and produce a spotless, new looking roof! Using high-pressure water , we will wash and rinse down your entire roof and do a complete clean out of your gutters. We will clean your tiles and your gutters, fascias, gables and ventilation systems like Whirlybirds. Most terracotta roofs will look brand new after we've pressure washed it.

Roof Re-Bedding and Re-Pointing

Over time, the slight movements of tiles in a roof dies to heat expansion will gradually cause the mortar to crack away – or the tile to crack. We can re-bed all loose or misaligned ridge caps, gables and valleys on your tiled roof.

We'll then re-point all ridge caps, gables and valleys using flexible pointing and replace any rusted valley irons.

Valley Iron Replacement

Rusted valley irons cause leaks, and its often cause by leaf buildup. If the valley irons on your roof are rusted, we can replace them with either zinc or ColorBond® valley irons, ensuring a long life of your new valley irons. In most cases, we'll re-bed and point the valleys with cement and flexible pointing.

Flashing Replacements

If you have flashing that is rusted or cracked, that will cause leaking into your roof. We can replace the flashing to ensure your roof is waterproof again.

Sarking / Roof Insulation

Sarking in your roof keeps the heat out in summer and retains it in winter by up to 40%, making it a great insulation material. We simply roll out Sisalation paper on top of your roof rafters and underneath your battens before laying the tiles on your roof.

Sarking also protects against rain penetration - if any rain should come in through your roof, it would then run straight down to your gutters. Sisalation paper is also fire retardant, making it a great barrier in bushfire prone areas as it keeps hot ashes and embers away from your roof space.

Spin Ventilator / Whirly Bird

Does your roof have any ventilation? If there’s no way for the hot air to escape, then it will overcome the insulation and cause heat in the house. A Whirlybird can help remove hot air from the roof cavity. If you already have Whirlybirds, but they are running slow, then we can repair or replace these.

If you think your roof has a problem, we are happy to inspect it, obligation free, and report on what we find. Call Michael on 0418 281 960, for an obligation free inspection.

Free Whirlybird with every Reroof! Call Michael on 0418 281 960 for details!

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