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Why Everyone Looks Up To Our Roof Tiling?

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Henry Ford

There’s an art to roof tiling and Shiprock Roofing are the masters. In fact if it came to a choice between tile roofing and roof tiling, we would recommend roof tiling practically every time. We believe that roof tiles are still as stylish and distinctively beautiful as ever. Today’s roof tiles come in a huge range of fashion colours and profiles – and there is one guaranteed to suit your tastes and budget, and your home’s architectural style, right down to the ground.

Shiprock are fast, thorough, reliable, affordable and always go that little bit further to ensure your roof tiling project looks its absolute best, not just now but for many years to come. We’d be delighted to show you precisely what we can do, so contact us now via our Priority Email Service and be prepared to be inspired.

There's No Replacement For Professional Tile Replacement!

It’s all or nothing when it comes to roof tiles. Just one cracked or displaced tile could cause leaks and threaten the strength and structural integrity of your roof. Shiprock take tile replacement seriously; be it just one tile or a full reroofing project, we offer you a 7-step Reroofing Plan.

  1. We thoroughly inspect your roof and ascertain your best options.
  2. We supply you with a written quote to replace the damaged or missing roof tiles.
  3. Upon approval, we remove the damaged tiles and those around it (or all the tiles if reroofing)
  4. We check the sarking and replace if necessary.
  5. We safely replace tiles, plus re-bed and re-point if necessary.
  6. We ensure the tiles are fully weatherproof and "as good as rain".
  7. We then finish the job and thoroughly clean the worksite.

Contact us today via our Priority Email Service (which guarantees a response within 24 hours).

Free Whirlybird with every Reroof! Call Michael on 0418 281 960 for details!

Shiprock Roofing Services Include:

Tile Roofing Pressure Cleaning Roofing Repairs Roof Replacement
Cement Tiles Roof Cleaning Terracotta Tiles Pressure Washing
Whirly Birds Tiled Roof Repair Roof Extensions Valley Replacements
  Roofing shingles Gutter Cleaning  
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